Layin’ it on thick in Pilsen

This house sits on the 1600 block of W. 16th Street, right across from the magnificent St. Adalbert’s Church.

A house....

It’s a mini-Parthenon, grandeur wrought on the smallest possible scale. Or at least it wants to be grand. In truth…

....with delusions of grandeur.

…it’s a puffed-up ordinary gabled brick house, with a Classical facade sitting in front of it.

But I love it. It’s such an oddball among all the standard brick and wood siding, and it’s obvious that whatever else the owner was thinking, they really really wanted it to be special.


3 thoughts on “Layin’ it on thick in Pilsen

  1. That looks like a house that’s been converted into a bank years ago. It would be a perfect location right outside of a church on what looks like a residential street that turned partially commercial.

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