Tasemkin Furniture

South Ashland is a target-rich environment for the wandering urban photographer. I am looking forward to spending some time there as the weather warms up. For now, here’s a fast shot of a real shocker, a sign that basically is the entire facade of a building:

American General Furniture...?

Oh, to have seen this fully lit up at night! The heart bleeds. The store is long closed, and the building is for sale — an ill omen for the remnants of that magnificent sign.

Edit: I got the name and the location of this place wrong. They’re both corrected now.

4 thoughts on “Tasemkin Furniture

  1. wowI grew up on 48th and Laflin (two blocks east of Ashland) 1962-1980Across the street just west of Ashland was Peoples Theater. I saw the Planet of the Apes movies there!

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