2 thoughts on “Glass block hunt

  1. Beat me to it! I have a photo of that second yellow, blue, orange combo. Took it a few months ago. I am trying to gather up a bunch to post as well. I love these things.

  2. Though I'm not sure who manufactured them, my father installed plenty of them. He was a brick layer / mason by trade in the late 50's & 60's. It was my understanding that people went to these to replace older windows. Many times it was for security issues or dampness in people's basements when they were used for modifications in residential applications. Often times my dad would install a louvered vent to allow air in or moisture out of a bathroom. They were often seen in shower areas of bathrooms because they allowed light and privacy at the same time. In the late 60's & 70's they were also used for decorative purposes in the foyer entries of the popular brick raised ranches & stairwells of two & three flats.

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