Grossinger Cadillac

Grossinger Cadillac

At 1233 N. Wells Street stands an old garage building, currently home to Grossinger City Toyota. It’s a strange hybrid, mixing Gothic styling and with Art Deco ornamental detail freely.

Some of the ornament is emphatically Art Deco, with geometric stylization.

Grossinger Cadillac

This bear with a coat-of-arms shield suggests more traditional, historically-styled ornament.

Grossinger Cadillac

And the gargoyles at each corner are themselves hybrids, Gothic creatures with stylized Deco wings.

Grossinger Cadillac

A quick web search indicates that the building was designed by Roy France. CityNews Chicago claims it was built in 1911. That might explain the seemingly tacked-on nature of its Deco details — Art Deco wouldn’t come into vogue for another fifteen years.

4 thoughts on “Grossinger Cadillac

  1. This building is amazing and comes from an amazing period. Why do we not build like that anymore? Surely archetects understand what is pleasing to the eye? If only more had the courage to do a modern take on this period, that I would love to see.

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