Take me back to Chicago

I must apologize to my readers for the lack of postings lately, but you see, I’ve been busy getting married!

Getting married (and its aftermath, and the preceding Christmas holidays) has involved a great deal of travel. Without further elaboration, have as a momentary filler some photos from my recent adventures in:

* Dubai, UAE
From the observation deck

* Munich, Germany

* Clinton, Iowa
Outside of Clinton

* Shreveport, Louisiana
Shotgun houses

2 thoughts on “Take me back to Chicago

  1. I'm not quite sure how I wound up at your site, but I've "favorited" it — love your photography! We are planning a visit to Chicago late March, and I can see we will not be there nearly long enough to see everything I'll want to see. The Mausoleum has definitely gone on my list! thanks!

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