Friday Photo Special: The Remains of Bensenville

Orchard Avenue, August 2009

Orchard Avenue, April 2010

Orchard Avenue, June 2010

With clearance obtained, the demolition of Bensenville has proceeded with astonishing speed. Two months after the work began, every single house is gone. The only survivors are a 1920s gas station, and the apartment complex at the east end of the area.

View east from Orchard Avenue

North of Irving Park, the land is almost clear of everything except streets.

Orchard Road

Garden Avenue

Garden Avenue

Okay, sure, I would have photographed those railings anyway, ’cause they’re poetic and pathos-evoking and all that… but mainly I photographed them because they were the only identifiable landmark left on this side of the road.

South of Irving Park, there’s a lot more rubble. Some foundations remain, and piles of salvaged scrap metal remain in the streets.


Garden Avenue

Pershing Avenue

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