Gold-Plated Deco Bits

You remember these guys from last week, right?

Grand Avenue

Devon Avenue I

Devon Avenue II

The three buildings share more than just a similar design style; they actually have the exact same gold-hued catalog ornament.

Grand Avenue

Devon Avenue I

Deco detail
Devon Avenue II

And they’re not alone. Several other Deco buildings were designed by contractors with their finger in the same catalog.

Lawrence Avenue, directly south of the previous two


Bryn Mawr at Sawyer, west of the river


It looks like the supplier made the same ornament in multiple finishes. Consider these two details, the first from the Lawrence Ave. building, the second from another Devon Ave. building:
Devon Deco

The two designs are identical, just flipped and rendered in a different finish.

3 thoughts on “Gold-Plated Deco Bits

  1. Just found your site and spent four hours looking over the entire thing. Keep up the good work! Love the MCM churches.Rob

  2. Wow, the commercial building with a courtyard on Lawrence really reminds me of the little commercial building in Edgewater – on Broadway across from Dominicks – with the hardware store. Somehow the Asian businesses go well with the gilt decor…

  3. I live across the street from the Lawrence building. Any idea what it once was? Without looking at it I think it may have been a car wash but I doubt that was the original use. But perhaps some kind of automotive garage?

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