No, no, no, no…

This giant mural of St. Vincent adorns the west face of DePaul University’s Francis X. McCabe Hall. It can’t be missed if you’re riding north on the Red Line.


The mural, titled We Are DePaul 2, was created in 2001 via a composite of 16 repeated images of DePaul students and faculty. But it’s not the composition or technical aspects that intrigue me so. No, it’s his chagrinned scowl.


St. Vincent looms far larger than life over the Wish soccer field, and his disapproval of DePaul’s athletic teams couldn’t be clearer. Every time I pass, I imagine just what he’s thinking as he glares at the minuscule student athletes below:

“No, no, no, don’t pass to him… no, don’t go there… no… wrong… wrong… stop… oh good grief… don’t kick it – now what’re you – now what is that? What do you think you’re – you guys… no, no, no, no, NO. That just won’t do at all.”

2 thoughts on “No, no, no, no…

  1. I've always seen it as a benevolent smile, not a scowl at all. Anyway, it's fun to hear tourists on weekends as St. Vincent comes into view: "Look! There's the Pope!"

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